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USB Recovery

On ChromeOS

On a working chromebook of the same model that you need to recover do the following:

  1. Insert a USB drive in the chromebook
  2. Type chrome://imageburner in the address bar
  3. Run the tool and follow the instructions that appear on your screen

On Linux

  1. Click this link to download the Recovery Tool:
  2. Modify the script permissions to allow execution with the following command: sudo chmod 755
  3. Run the script with root privileges with the following command: sudo bash
  4. Follow the prompts from the tool to complete building the operating system image.

Chromebook Recovery

  1. Start ChromeOS Image Creator
  2. Enter the model number that is on the screen of the failed chromebook

Reboot Chromebook to "!"

  • Press ESC + Refresh key + POWER. The screen displays a yellow exclamation point (!).

Model Number Table

  • Chromebook 303 → SNOW FORBES A-E 4656
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