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ZFS on Ubuntu

Install ZFS

  1. make sure add-apt-repository is installed
    apt-get install python-software-properties
  2. add native zfs repo
    add-apt-repository ppa:zfs-native/stable
    apt-get update
  3. install zfs package
    apt-get install ubuntu-zfs

Create Pool and datasets

  1. create pool
    zpool create tank /dev/<DISK>
  2. create dataset
    zfs create tank/vol1
  3. create volume
    zfs create -V 2g tank/v1

Create iSCSI Target

  1. Install iscsitarget
    apt-get install iscsitarget iscsitarget-dkms
  2. enable iscsitarget, edit /etc/default/iscsitarget
  3. Add Target: add to /etc/iet/ietd.conf
            Lun 0 Path=tank/v1,Type=blockio,ScsiId=lun0,ScsiSN=lun0
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