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   * [[http://​​documentation/​technical_docs/​nanobsd|Super Handy nanobsd reference]]   * [[http://​​documentation/​technical_docs/​nanobsd|Super Handy nanobsd reference]]
   * [[https://​​doc/​en/​articles/​nanobsd/​howto.html|Not a terribly usful nanobsd howto]]   * [[https://​​doc/​en/​articles/​nanobsd/​howto.html|Not a terribly usful nanobsd howto]]
 +  * [[https://​​cgi/​man.cgi?​query=nanobsd| man page]]
 ===== seokris.nano (nano BSD build definition) ===== ===== seokris.nano (nano BSD build definition) =====
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