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HTML5 XBMC Media Client (HXMC)

Objective: The goal of the HXMC is to use the powerful video management tools of XBMC to allow video viewing on any device that supports HTML5 video.

Currently there is no solution to provide any device (Windows, Linux, Mac, Andriod, Chromebook, or iPad) with any of many gigabytes of video data without installing any software. Not to mention that on a local network playback should start in a few secs. All of this platforms (and future platforms) support one web browser that supports HTML5 video in H.264 format.


  • XBMC maintain library rw to mysql DB
  • jsp client uses ro access to mysql db
  • all video is in MP4 encap/H.264 video/MP4 audio
  • video player is video.js (works in IE9+/Firefox/Chrome/Safari)
  • all media is local to the media server (smb:, nfs:, … not supported)
  • Authentication required to view either active directory or google
  • media streaming is handled by a jsp request that logs access
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