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 ====== Campus Instruction Videos ​ ====== ====== Campus Instruction Videos ​ ======
-Configure ​assignment categories via Grade Book Setup [[http://​​tcwiz3|http://​​tcwiz3]]+  * Unordered List ItemConfigure ​assignment categories via Grade Book Setup [[http://​​tcwiz3]] 
 +  * Determine grade calculations for a course section via Grade Book Setup [[http://​​db6iJU]] 
 +  * Add an assignment [[http://​​TxKHbg]] 
 +  * Copy assignments from one section to another in the Grade Book [[http://​​L4Ysoh]] 
 +  * Copy an assignment category via Grade Book Setup [[http://​​7J6AH3]] 
 +  * Enter student grades for a grading task and/or standard [[http://​​P31zEq]] 
 +  * Set up seating charts [[http://​​FMVR6L]] 
 +  * Manage account settings [[http://​​1ZFZ1h]]
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