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  • use web service
  • client requests latest update downloads update over http
  • update is stored as a single jar/tar file
  • web service jsp based
  • used mysql database
  • updater uses OS version to determine correct update e.g.(Windows XP/Windows 7)

update dir structure

  • install.reg → changes to the registry merged after install (regedit -s)
  • jre8/jre7 plugin runtime (copied to Program Files\Java Plugin)
  • version.txt → contains version info
  • destpath.txt → intended install location

Web Service

  • check_update.jsp client sends OS version replies with “NULL” or update version e.g. “1.8.25a”
  • get_update.jsp client sends requested version either gets “NULL” or download URL.

Update Client

  • c# based
  • client knows the current plugin version
  • client performs a GET with a PLATFORM arg of “Windows 7” to check_update.jsp
  • if client gets a version that is not equal to current version it performs a GET with arg of VERSION and PLATFORM to get_update.jsp
  • if client gets a url client downloads update and installs it to Program Files\Java Plugin, merges install.reg, and stores version.txt in Program Files\Java Plugin

Database schema

Updates Table

  • update_id (int)
  • version(str) e.g. (1.8.25a)
  • supported_platforms(str) e.g. (Windows 7;Windows 8;Windows XP)
  • url (str)
  • post_date (timestamp)
  • seq (int)
  • enabled (boolean)


  • user_id (int)
  • username (str)
  • password (str)
  • level (int)
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