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Home ZFS NAS Project


Hard Drive Choice

  • HGST Deskstar 7K2000 HDS722020ALA330 (Ebay $50)(Amazon $70) (Newegg $140) (Power Idle 7.5W)

Raid Levels

  • Raid 5 - 3 Drives → 4TB → 22.5W
  • Raid 5 - 4 Drives → 6TB → 30W


  1. are iSCSI targets connected on bootup (Windows):
  2. are iSCSI targets connected on bootup (Ubuntu): yes, is seems initiator is able to reconnect even after a target restart
  3. Does iSCSI reattach quickly after suspend: Linux yes with some work, Windows: yes
  4. can you grow iSCSI targets as normal files
  5. can you grow iSCSI targets as ZFS volumes: yes, (zfs set volsize=2g <POOL>/<DATASET>)
  6. Is there a write gain for 4 drive raid 5: yes
  7. What is the performance hit for parity calculations: very small, active cpu usage is less than 2%, local throughput at 4 drives is 200MB/s, iSCSI access is at 125MB/s or 1000mb/s
  8. what is the added latency of ethernet/tcp transmissions: 0.1ms - 0.2ms

NFS Automounter Homes

On Server


  • NFS locking must be turned on otherwise NFS exports will not work as home directories

Disable ZLI on nfs dataset

zfs set sync=disabled <DATASET>

Share Dataset

zfs set sharenfs="-maproot=root,-alldirs" <DATASET>

On Client

Install autofs

apt-get install autofs


  • Autofs sends logging to syslog, on 14.10 logging showed up in /var/log/syslog


/netHomes /etc/auto.home --timeout=300


  • There must be a leading “/” between the NFS server and the export e.g.
<SERVERNAME> -rw,soft,timeo=5,intr <IP/HOSTNAME>:/<DATASET>
  • This will mount <IP/HOSTNAME>:/<DATASET> on /netHomes/<SERVERNAME>
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