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Configure Port Trunking between Intel Mod Server and Extreme Switch (Untagged Vlan)

Configure Extreme Switch

On the Extreme switch we will be trunking ports 11 & 12 and adding them as untagged ports on vlan 220

enable sharing 1:11 grouping 1:11-1:12
configure vlan "seb-san" add ports 1:11 untagged

Configure Intel Mod Server Switch

On the mod server we will be grouping ports 3 and 4 then mapping vlan 220 them as well as routing traffic from blade ports 1.2 and 2.2 to switch ports 3 and 4

Add a name to lag 2 keep the other defaults
Add ports 3 and 4 to lag 2
Enter a vlan name and number/ID
Add lag 2 as a member of vlan 220
Set PVID 220 for lag 2
Set PVID 220 for Server ports 1.2 and 2.2
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