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Proxmox Cluster Trouble Shooting

Restart Cluster Node Registration

systemctl stop corosync.service 
systemctl stop pve-cluster.service
systemctl stop pvedaemon.service
systemctl stop pveproxy.service
systemctl start corosync.service 
systemctl start pve-cluster.service
systemctl start pvedaemon.service
systemctl start pveproxy.service

TCP Dump Multicast Cluster Traffic

tcpdump -n -i eth1 multicast | grep 5404
journalctl | grep corosync
systemctl status corosync.service

Force Quorum

pvecm expected 1

Edit /etc/pve when cluster is down

systemctl stop pve-cluster
pmxcfs -l 
  • edit files, then run
killall mcxcfs
systemctl start pve-cluster

A note about Multicast Traffic

  • corosync and Proxmox clustering need multicast traffic to be configured properly for cluster nodes to see each other.
  • If a node keeps losing contact with other members make sure IGMP snooping is turned off at the switch and layer 2 level.
  • If some nodes connect initially then disconnect after a few minutes take a look at the multicast configuration of the switches these nodes connect through.
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