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Migrating a VM Between Clusters in Proxmox 4 and Up


  1. Have a shared LVM storage based on ISCSI or LVM
  2. Either have a backup of /etc/pve from the original node or can copy files from /etc/pve from the source node
  3. If you are moving a VM with ID=111 from the source node you need to make sure that you have ID=111 free on the target node

The Migration

  1. On the target node go into Datacenter then Storage and add the ISCSI or LVM volumes with the same names as the source node.
  2. open a terminal session on the target node
    cd /etc/pve/local/qemu-server
    sftp <targetnode>/etc/pve/local/qemu-server/
    get XXX.conf

    (grab of copy of VM config from the source node where XXX is the ID of the VM)

  3. If you copied the config into the correct location you should see a new VM in the Web Console of the target node.
  4. If you have replicated storage correctly your new VM should be startable


  1. Regardless of the storage the name of the volume is critical for the new VM to locate its storage
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