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Proxmox 5 Grow LVM Disk from FreeBSD CTL iSCSI

On FreeBSD CTL Server

  1. Add lun to an iscsi Target and set size
    lun 2   {
    path /volX/diskimages/diskname.img
    size 500G
  2. touch the new diskimage
    touch /volX/diskimages/diskname.img
  3. restart ctld
    service ctld restart

On Proxmox Server

Proxmox Shell

  1. Reload iSCSI luns - needed after adding a target or lun of a target
    iscsiadm -m node -R
  2. List Volume Group names
    vgdisplay | grep "VG Name"
  3. Extend Volume Group
    vgextend {VG Name} {Phyical Disk}

It might be tempting to extend the logical volume from the shell, but with Proxmox is much eaiser to work with if that is done from the Web GUI.


  1. Go to VM
  2. Then “Hardware”
  3. Select “Hard Disk”
  4. Click on “Resize Disk”

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