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Qemu Snapshots

  • To create a snapshot of BACKING_IMG.qed run the following command. Then use SNAP_IMG.qed as the source image in the vm. All changes will be written to SNAP_IMG.qed and BACKING_IMG.qed will be unmodified.
  • Running the same command will create a new snapshot and discard all changes to BACKING_IMG.qed
  • qcow2 and qed support snapshots
qemu-img create -f qed -b BACKING_IMG.qed SNAP_IMG.qed
  • You can chain snapshots so that following command would make a snapshot of a snapshot
qemu-img create -f qed -b SNAP_IMG.qed SNAP_OF_SNAP_IMG.qed 

List Snapshots

qemu-img snapshot -l /images/windows7.qcow2

Resize Qemu Image

qemu-img resize windows7.qcow +20GB
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