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-===== Mercurial Pushing to Server with Self Signed Certs ===== 
-  * In recent versions of Mercurial SSL verification will fail for self signed SSL/HTTPS certs. ​ There are two ways to fix the issue. 
-  * In the past the cacerts or web.cacerts would work around this problem, but it no longer works 
-==== Add the host fingerprint to hgrc ==== 
-  - To find the host fingerprint run the following<​file bash> openssl s_client -connect <​FQDN>:​443 < /dev/null 2>/​dev/​null | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout -in /​dev/​stdin</​file>​ 
-  - You should get something like **SHA1 Fingerprint=9E:​FD:​0A:​7B:​C0:​40:​3D:​A9:​CF:​BD:​FE:​DA:​5E:​D3:​A8:​EB:​04:​DB:​2D:​33** take the hexidecimal value and use it the next step 
-  - Add the following to your hgrc file<​file>​ 
-<FQDN from step 1> = <​HEXVALUE from step 2> 
-==== Disable SSL verification ==== 
-  * It goes without saying the this is not a very good idea, but if all else fails this will get mercrial to talk to a self signed https server 
-  - Add the following to your hgrc file:<​file>​ 
-push = push --insecure 
 ====== Hg Gateway ====== ====== Hg Gateway ======
   * Install apache   * Install apache
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