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  • adm and admx files provide the definitions that make up the policies in group policy objects. You need to install new adm file if you want to support a new version of Windows or add policies for a non microsoft product (i.e. Google Chrome)

Installing ADM Files to Sysvol

  1. After you have a downloaded a adm file archive extract it and you should see a lot of folders with a lot locale names like da-dk and en-US
  2. Now while in the folder with all the locale names do a select all then copy
  3. Now go to \\<DOMIANNAME.DOM>\SYSVOL\<DOMIANNAME.DOM>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\ this is where the adm files are stored for your domain
  4. Now if you open Group Policy Management you should see policies from the files you added
Example PolicyDefinitions Folder

ADM Download Locations

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