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Advanced Windows Suspend and Shutdown Control (AMP WinOFF)

WinOFF is a extremely useful untility that controls when your computer is shutdown or goes to sleep. It allows you to monitor Input activity (mouse and keyboard), CPU load, and Network Activity. It might be useful if you ever have the following problems:

  • Downloading a large file and the computer going to sleep (e.g. Steam downloads)
  • Transcoding a video file
  • Streaming video to a device like chromecast
  • Listening to music either local or streaming
  • leaving for a few hours and finding your computer did not go to sleep for some super odd/unknown reason

WinOFF does not prevent your computer from going to sleep during these scenarios, but you can disable sleep and use WinOFF to control sleep.


These are my current settings that seem to work very well


Plea to Microsoft

Ok Microsoft we have had good hardware power management for nearly a decade now and even in windows 8.1 the built-in power management controls… well it sucks. It's so bad that I have lost count of the times I have had a download interrupted or stopped streaming due to Windows going to sleep. I/we should not have to put up with this in 2013 nor was is acceptable in 2007. If you are wondering why computer sales are sliding, that is one of the reasons. Let me give you hint: people like when computers do what they expect and hate when they do things that they do not expect.

On top of this a sub 700k piece of software does everything I expect: don't put my computer to sleep when I'm using it and put it to sleep when I'm not. Now why in the hell can't this be part of windows. Again DON'T PUT MY COMPUTER TO SLEEP WHEN I'M USING IT and PUT MY COMPUTER TO SLEEP WHEN IT'S IDLE

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