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Ncomputing L300 Tweaks

App Issues

  • chrome version 34 has issues with swiftshader remove r/w access to %USRERPROFILE\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwiftShader to resolve the issue. This issue causes the flash player to randomly stop working.
  • Kidpicks either needs sandboxie installed to run multiple copies or switch to tuxpaint.

Config Tweaks

  • Running anything other than 1024×768 seems to cause L300s to produce strange graphic artifacts
  • There is an issue that for sessions with power save that are idle for long periods of time tend to cause L300s to lockup
  • You can enter auto login account without a password. This is produce a default user on the L300 that will greatly help staff and students with using a specific account so multiple users are not logging into the same vspace server. At the same time you the L300 with still let other users logon.

Special Software

  • To prevent the same user from using more than one L300 on the same vspace server I use a java program win7checklogin that logs out a user if they have a active session.

Vspace version

  • Vspace 7 and 7.1 seems to have issues on the client and server side.
  • I have used Vspace 6.x/1.6.3 for the past two years without issues
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