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Creating Users for Sebeka Schools

Infinite Campus

  1. login as tschulz
  2. select all schools
  3. go to Ad Hoc Reporting→Data Export
  4. Select Student Export→New Student Logins
  5. export as CSV


  1. open CSV copy new student rows
  2. open student_logins.xls
  3. paste into New Students worksheet
  4. in column F paste username formula e.g. row 67
  5. copy new user rows into Student Logins worksheet


  1. copy new user rows into gmail_script worksheet
  2. copy user data into gam rows e.g.
    gam create user <USERNAME> firstname <FNAME> lastname <LNAME> password <PASSWORD> changepassword off agreedtoterms off

Creating users in AD

  1. copy new user rows from student_logins.xls:New Students into a fresh text file save as csv
  2. select Students→import
  3. on DC01 run Active User Manager run New User Wizard
  4. align columns in New User Wizard and import
  5. assign new users to correct groups (this is essential for network drives to map correctly)
  6. lastly move users to their correct OU
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