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Windows 10 Benchmarks

Build 14316

Benchmark Score
CPU mark 1780
2d Mark 280.4
3d mark 116.2
memory mark 723
Disk mark 1474

Build 10586

Benchmark Score
CPU mark 1787
2d Mark 307.4
3d mark 116.2
memory mark 687
Disk mark 1644

Build 7 Sp1

Benchmark Score
CPU mark 1823
2d Mark 342
3d mark 116.2
memory mark 774
Disk mark 1698

Benchmarks for 2016

Insight Haswell AIO (Core i5-4440S 4 Core)

Benchmark Score
CPU Mark6238
Ref CPU Mark6113
2D Mark738
3D Mark578
Mem Mark1759
Sys Mark2351
Octane V229956

Bytespeed Tower

Benchmark Score
CPU Mark1971
2D Mark406
3D Mark225
Mem Mark1309
Sys Mark1002
Disk Mark828
Octane V220229

Bytespeed Elemlab (Core i5-2400 4 Core)

Benchmark Score
CPU Mark5495
Ref CPU Mark5838
2D Mark369
3D Mark-
Mem Mark1426
Sys Mark2501
Disk Mark2076
Octane V212586
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