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Bacula Restoring Files without Catalog

  • The first thing to remember is that both bextract and bls need to working archives that are in a directory defined in /etc/bacula/bacula-sd.conf
    Device {
      Name = FileStorage
      Media Type = File
      Archive Device = /home/tschulz/Downloads
      LabelMedia = yes;                   # lets Bacula label unlabeled media
      Random Access = Yes;
      AutomaticMount = yes;               # when device opened, read it
      RemovableMedia = no;
      AlwaysOpen = no;
  • On Ubuntu you need to install bacula-sd to get bextact and bls
    apt-get install bacula-sd
  • bls example
     sudo bls /home/tschulz/Downloads/Web-0037
  • bextract example
    sudo bextract /home/tschulz/Downloads/Web-0037 /tmp/
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