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Google Hangouts

Why calling Thad wastes time

  1. most issues are not solved over the phone
  2. phone calls require both people to drop what they are doing
  3. a lot of calls are just reporting issues
  4. phone calls waste even more time when a person needs to leave a voicemail
  5. Thad is not in his office a lot
  6. Calling Thad, then calling Judy to radio Thad ties you three people and wastes time

Why Google hangouts is a better option

  1. Hangouts is really fast (~2-3 secs to send a message to Thad's phone)
  2. Thad get's hangouts messages anywhere in the school on his smartphone and wristwatch
  3. Hangouts messages tell's who is talking so messages can be as short as I have a problem or come to my room
  4. It's part of gmail so everyone has it
  5. Hangouts is simple select, type, send

When to call

  1. You just need a simple question answered, that can be answered over the phone
  2. You want to talk about a problem, but don't have time to talk about it face to face

When you need to use Hangouts/email

  1. Issues that you don't know what's going on
  2. Issues that you need Thad to bring something to your room
  3. Something in your room needs to be repaired
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