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For Oct 1 Submission run Eligibility Report with these settings

  1. Select Current School Year e.g. 14-15
  2. Period 09/02/XXXX - 10/01/XXXX
  3. Meal for Eligibility Type selected
  4. Free Reduced for Eligibility selected
  5. All for Eligibility Certified Type selected
  6. All for Grade selected
  7. Observe State Exclude checked
  8. Include Detail checked
  9. Show Only Latest Eligibility checked
  10. Select Secondary and Elementary selected
Example Report Settings
  • Free Count = Total - Override
  • Reduced Cout = Total

Find Enrolled Students

  1. Generate the Fall Extract end it Oct 1st
  2. Filter and show only those students that were present on the First Day of School until Oct 1st. Columns STS_BEG_DAT and STS_END_DAT
  3. Free and reduced count is counted by the column ECO_IND
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