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Create Calendar for Next School Year

Create Year

  1. Go to System Administration→Calendar→School Years
  2. Click on New to create the next school year

Create Calendar

  1. Go to System Administration→Calendar→Calendar Wizard
  2. Select Create new Calendars by rolling forward selected data (last-years data will be added to a newly created calendar)
  3. Enter Start and End dates, and select all four schools, then click next
  4. Check all checkboxes to roll everything, and click finish

Populate Terms and Days

  1. logout and login to switch to new calendar
  2. Switch to new calendar
  3. Go to System Administration→Calendar→Calendar
  4. Click on the Terms tab
  5. enter start and end dates for the four quarters
  6. Click on the days tab
  7. Click on Day Reset

Roll Student Data

  1. Go to System Administration→Student→Enrollment Roll Forward
  2. roll forward enrollment one grade at a time
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