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   * Backup: [[https://​​|Backupify]],​ [[https://​​|Sys Cloud]]   * Backup: [[https://​​|Backupify]],​ [[https://​​|Sys Cloud]]
   * Single Signon: [[http://​​|Clearlogin]]   * Single Signon: [[http://​​|Clearlogin]]
-  * Training: [[https://​​forms/​d/​14x5yTK-Vs8-Th-0gXuiH3BTUs5GbMfucxgaMQRI6chk/​viewform|Synergyse]]+  * Training: [[https://​​forms/​d/​14x5yTK-Vs8-Th-0gXuiH3BTUs5GbMfucxgaMQRI6chk/​viewform|Synergyse ​Yr Free Form]], [[https://​​|Web Site]]
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